Versatile Hunting Dog Training by Bird Dogs Afield and Merrymeeting Kennels (Video)

Paul Fuller of Bird Dogs Afield produced a 5-part series of videos with Jason Carter of Merrymeeting Kennels showing the various aspects of training a versatile hunting dog. Originally published to YouTube on 15 Jun 2018.

Part 1

Imprinting and Early Puppy Development. Jason looks at puppy socialization and a timeline for training.

Part 2

Jason discusses controlling the mouth. A look at hard mouth, force fetch and much more.

Part 3

Getting the game to the game bag. In this video, it’s all about the retrieve. Also, a short discussion on senior dogs.

Part 4

Getting the tools you need to handle your dog in the field. Jason demonstrates the “whoa” and “heel” command.

Part 5

From puppies to senior dogs, it’s all about the point. Learn tips for developing the point.

Note: This video series was originally posted to YouTube on 15 Jun 2015. It was posted to this website on 22 Jun 2018, but postdated to the original date of the video series for chronological accuracy.

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